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Bed Bugs

Did you know that Bed Bug Infestations are on the rise, especially in housing facilities due to the vast amounts of people and circumstances residing in the building?

Educate yourself and your tenants on the habits, possible sources of infestation and effective treatment methods ranging from tenants that feel they may have a problem to the most extreme bed bug infestation cases.

Adult bed bugs are just under a ¼” long and are relatively flat, nearly as wide as they are long. They are oval in shape. They are brown to reddish in color. The body may have short golden hairs and will exude a “sickening sweet” smell from the glands on its body.


Female bed bugs can lay over 500 eggs over a lifetime and each bed bug will molt its shell five times as it grows and a blood meal is required for each molt. If blood meals become scarce, bed bugs will slow their life process until a blood meal source is found. A bed bug can go a year without feeding. The saliva of the bed bug may cause a swelling on most people when they are bitten but they do not leave a wound. Swelling may include redness on sensitive skin.

Bed bugs dwell in the smallest areas including between mattresses, seams in bed linens, upholstery, behind wood trim, inside electrical boxes, in floors, behind wallpaper and any other areas near a blood meal that will hide a very thin insect. Please note, that bed bugs will move distances at night for a blood meal, this includes going from room to room. Bed bugs are excellent at relocating by hitching rides in luggage, boxes, shoes, and any other mobile material.

The first sign of a bed bug infestation is the appearance of small brownish or reddish dots on bed linens. These are fecal spots or droppings from the bed bugs. Occupants may also notice swelling where they have been bitten.

An infestation of bed bugs is NOT evidence of unclean or unsanitary living conditions. World-class hotels have reported bed bug infestations. Please note, that merely washing bed linens or use of steam cleaners on carpets WILL NOT RID the bed bug infestation. Be very skeptical of any pest management company that leads you to believe that a one-time treatment will take care of your problem, they are misleading you. It is vital to have a qualified expert evaluate the situation and take action. That is where you may have heard of Accurate Pest Control, Inc.

Accurate Pest Control, Inc. is among the leading experts in the bed bug field. We have over 25 years of experience in all areas of pest management, and have extensive training and education in the bed bug epidemic. We are an honest, family owned and operated company that is here to help you understand and effectively treat bed bugs. We urge you to contact us for an evaluation of your property. Don’t wait until your problem gets out of hand. Let Accurate Pest Control, Inc. put your worries to rest. Call for an evaluation TODAY!

Accurate Pest Control, Inc. surpasses the leading competitors in
BED BUG treatments in both experience and technology.

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