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Animal Exclusion Products

From the smallest hole to the largest chimney, we have everything you need to keep nuisance wildlife out of buildings.

Keep the wildlife out of your house by screening off possible entry points such as attic vents, dryer / exhaust vents and chimneys.


We also perform dryer and exhaust cleaning service to rid the duct system of debris and animal nesting material.

We stock and install the right product for the right situation. We have a large selection of excluders and exclusion traps to handle mice, squirrels, raccoons, bats and more.


Our products are backed by expert advice and top quality service. Call or email for a free estimate to have any of these products expertly installed.

Green Procedures - Going Green

Accurate Pest Control has developed a full line of Green Procedures that will control insects on the interior and exterior of your home. Going Green is not as easy as everyone may think. Going Green requires many changes along the exterior of your home, as well as, eliminating overgrowth areas, moisture areas, overhanging trees to name a few. Accurate Pest Control’s trained professionals will help you through the many stages of Going Green. Our professionals will only use botanical products when treatment procedures are required on a GREEN project.


We employ credentialed WDIR inspectors and Credentialed IPM inspectors.

Because each home is different in its own unique way, Accurate Pest Control’s custom programs for our residential clients are designed specifically for your home. This ensures you are receiving service for what you need and not over-kill procedures. This will help keep costs down.

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