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Rats are considered one of the most abominable pests by homeowners, businesses, and renters alike. New Jersey and tri-state area dwellings are especially affected in the late fall, winter, and early spring months because these vermin seek warmth inside buildings during the cold season. Rats tend to carry and transmit diseases such as Rat-Bite Fever, Leptospirosis, Bubonic Plague, Salmonella, Tapeworms, and Typhus. Rats have an insatiable appetite and spend most of their time searching for food, contaminating everything in their wake, and leaving a trail of urine and feces. Their urine then attracts other rats to the area or dwelling, leading to a possible rat infestation.

Rats enter structures through small holes and crevices. Female rats are fertile all year long and can produce hundreds of babies in their lifetimes. It is easy to see how quickly one or two rats can quickly cause a full-scale rat infestation in a house, apartment complex, or business.


Accurate Pest Control can help you with any rat problem, from the presence of a few unwelcome rodents in or around your premises, to a full blown rat infestation. We have years of experience eliminating these pests, as well as preventing them, using only methods that are safe to children and pets. Accurate Pest Control analyzes your rat problem to determine points of entry and frequently-used pathways. We then place tamper-resistant traps in these areas to maximize the effectiveness of our approach.


To prevent the return of these pests once eliminated, Accurate Pest Control targets possible rat entry points, ¼ inch in diameter or smaller, and uses rodent impervious materials to seal them.

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