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Professional Groundhog Removal & Prevention

Groundhogs, also known as woodchucks, are large, ground-dwelling rodents. If you have groundhogs invading your property and have tried to get rid them, you know that it is almost impossible to do. If you want to get rid of groundhogs, you need to use a pest control company that works with live traps. We have been trapping groundhogs for many years. After humanely catching the groundhogs, we remove them and give you back your yard. We use live traps which are specifically approved as a safe and effective way of removing groundhogs from properties without the need to harm the animal.

The primary problem encountered with groundhogs involves their propensity to dig. They dig large, complex, interconnecting burrows. The average groundhog excavates over 700 pounds of dirt digging just one den, and a single groundhog may have four or five dens scattered across its territory, moving in and out of them as crops and weather change.

Groundhog - humanely trapped and relocated.

One of the major problems they cause is when this digging occurs near a human structure, such as under a shed, patio, or concrete deck, the absence of supporting dirt can leave the foundation vulnerable to cracking and eventually collapse.

Groundhogs are strictly vegetarians and will destroy a garden very quickly. The best way to handle a groundhog / woodchuck problem is via trapping and removal. If you try to simply fill in their burrows, they will dig them again. If you attempt to use a repellent, the groundhog / woodchuck will either ignore it or simply dig elsewhere. There’s really no solution outside of trapping and removal by a professional pest control company with experience in trapping groundhogs.

At birth, baby groundhogs are naked, blind and helpless and measure less than four inches long. A baby groundhog opens its eyes when it is about 4 weeks old, but they seldom venture outside until they are between 6 or 7 weeks old. By midsummer, young groundhogs are about 20 inches long and weigh about four pounds. These “teenage” groundhogs will start to move out from their natal den, and dig their own “starter” burrows, often just a few dozen yards down the fence row.

Groundhogs can multiple quickly and wreak havoc in your yard. If allowed to remain, they can overtake your yard and cause damage to your shed, patio, or deck or garden. We are a licensed pest control company with years of experience in groundhog trapping, using only humane methods of capture and relocation.

Contact us today for a free consultation and keep your property groundhog-free.

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