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Mice Control Services: Removing Rodents and Restoring Peace of Mind

Mice are the most common indoor rodent. Despite their small size, their presence in your home or work place can be very disconcerting, not to mention unsanitary. New Jersey and tri-state area dwellings are especially affected in the late fall, winter, and early spring months because mice seek warmth inside buildings during the cold season.

New Jersey is home to two of the most common types of mice causing indoor infestation. House mice prefer to live indoors. They spend their time foraging for food and constantly dribble urine and feces, contaminating food and living space. The house mouse carries parasites such as ticks and lice and can transmit salmonella causing food poisoning. Deer mice do not normally live indoors, but may seek shelter when nearby construction destroys their environment. These mice can be dangerous because they carry Lyme disease-transmitting deer ticks and spread Hantavirus.


Mice have a gestation period of 3-4 weeks and have 8-12 babies per litter, which means a female mouse can produce hundreds of babies in her lifetime. Consequently, it doesn’t take long for a home to have a full-scale mice infestation resulting from one or two mice seeking harbor from the cold. Mice can enter a dwelling through the smallest of openings, in fact not much larger than your fingertip.

Accurate Pest Control can help you with any mice problem, from the presence of a few unwelcome rodents in or around your premises, to a full blown mice infestation. We have years of experience eliminating these pests, as well as preventing them, using only methods that are safe to children and pets.

Accurate Pest Control analyzes your mice problem to determine points of entry and frequently-used pathways. We then place tamper-resistant traps in these areas to maximize the effectiveness of our approach. To prevent the return of these pests once eliminated, Accurate Pest Control targets even the smallest possible mouse entry points, and uses rodent impervious materials to seal them.

Don't let mice continue to wreak havoc in your home - contact us to take care of the issue for you.

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